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Access to Rublex Pay Gateway

To start your business with Rublex Pay, we offer you a free opportunity to benefit from Rublex Pay gateway for one month. This allows you to experience our online payment capabilities and services without any cost and enjoy our professional and reliable service.
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Cashback Program

Purchase Rewards for Customers

In our cashback program at Rublex Pay, we aim to increase the worth of your customers' purchases. Whenever customers pay invoices at your store, they are rewarded with cashback ranging from 0.5% to 50% of the total amount they spent. They can then utilize this reward for their future purchases, which gives them a sense of value and motivates them to make more purchases from your store.

Set Your Desired Exchange Rate with Self-Service

With Rublex Self-Service, the power to set your desired exchange rate is in your hands. This service allows you to accept any currency at a rate of your choosing. You can use your own preferred rates, valid stock market rates, or even daily rates from different currency markets. This service is available completely free of charge for Rublex Plus users.
By using the Self-Service, not only can you reduce currency conversion costs, but you can also easily accept digital currencies in your store. This service also allows you to directly receive digital currencies in your store's wallet via Xpub, without the need for exchange. This means that you can immediately receive your payments without any intermediaries or fees.
In addition, in the Self-Service, you also have the ability to add new currencies. Even if you add a new token that we do not yet support, you can offer it as a new payment method to your customers.
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Multi-level access management for your business
In the Rublex Pay system, you have the ability to create different access levels for your business. This feature allows you to customize access levels based on your specific needs. For example, you can create a specific access level for tax office employees who only need to view transactions. Additionally, you can define access levels with various features and capabilities for accountants, support staff, and different managers.
With these multiple capabilities, you can easily have complete control over access levels in your system and provide each individual with access to information and features that are suitable for their work needs.
Experience special and unique features with Rublex Pay
With Rublex Pay, you will have access to unique and special features, including the following:
  • Cancelling received transactions by the merchant:We provide the ability to cancel received transactions by the merchant without any complications.
  • Issuing invoices with over 50 fiat currencies:We provide the ability to issue financial invoices with over 50 different fiat currencies, allowing you to interact with any currency of your choice.
  • Adding value-added tax to invoices:We provide the ability to add value-added tax to invoices to facilitate your taxation process with ease and accuracy.
  • Paying a portion of an invoice with different currencies by the customer:We provide the ability for customers to pay a portion of an invoice using different currencies.
  • Easy Transaction Reporting:We provide easy transaction reporting capabilities so you can manage your financial information easily and accurately.
  • Complete transparency in all transactions:By providing complete transparency in all transactions, you can have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your transactions and enjoy increased security.
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Multiple settlement experience with Rublex Pay
With these diverse and efficient services, settle your accounts easily and effortlessly and benefit from our advanced features. Use Rublex Pay's diverse services with ease and confidence, and experience a unique account settlement experience.
Experience multiple settlement options in Rublex Pay. Our services include:
  • Issuing a gift card with the ability to connect to Apple Pay.
  • International bank transfer with IBAN:We provide the ability to transfer funds to bank accounts worldwide using the IBAN number.
  • MIR card-to-card transfer:We provide a fast and easy way to transfer funds to other accounts using the MIR card.
  • Bank-to-Bank transfer:We facilitate the possibility of transferring funds to other accounts in the Middle East using the Bank-to-Bank transfer system.
  • Western Union:We provide money transfer services worldwide through Western Union.
  • Korona Pay:We enable domestic and international money transfers using Korona Pay.
  • Transfer to VISA and Mastercard cards:We enable money transfers to international VISA and Mastercard cards.
  • Transfer to Rublex Bank:Instant account settlement at Rublex Bank.
  • Transfer to Rublex Exchange:Instant account settlement in the exchange system allows you to convert your income into digital currencies or other fiat currencies.

Currency conversion without fees

with Rublex Pay
As one of our main services, at Rublex Exchange, we provide the ability to convert fiat currencies without any fees. This allows you to easily and affordably convert different fiat currencies to one another and reduce additional costs in your financial transactions.
Unlike many other exchanges, we do not charge any fees for currency conversion operations for Rublex customers. Without any additional costs, you can convert your different fiat currencies to each other and experience greater success in your transactions.
The speed and efficiency of converting currencies are in your hands. Easily and confidently convert different currencies to each other.
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Ability to connect to all systems and programming languages so that you can easily manage your store

Powerful integrations

Use our various plugins for popular systems like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, WHMCS, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Ubercart, and Zen Cart. These plugins help seamlessly integrate your store with Rublex Pay.

In addition, we provide you with all the necessary information to connect to the payment system and consult on resolving programming errors on your website. Our documentation is simple and understandable, so you can easily access all the tools and resources and equip your store with a multipurpose terminal.

Using our Application Programming Interface (API), you can easily integrate the Rublex Pay system with your other systems and applications. This capability allows you to automatically transfer important information between your different systems and improve your business processes.

By using these advanced tools, you can quickly and efficiently launch your online store and provide a comfortable and secure shopping experience for your customers.

Transparent and Friendly Tax Services

As one of our main services, we directly deposit money into your business account. This means that you can easily access your tax information and use it effortlessly. Additionally, in countries where the tax system has an Application Programming Interface (API), you can transparently and instantly provide all your transactions to the tax authorities.

Enjoy speed and security in every transaction

With Rublex Pay, you can have complete confidence in instant settlements for all your transactions. Our platform ensures high speed and security for every payment you make. Additionally, our fiat gateway supports instant account settlements, allowing users to quickly make their payments without any delays.
Experience a simple and convenient payment process with Rublex Pay, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly accept various currencies in your store without any hassle. In the Rublex ecosystem, the payment transaction is directly done to the user's wallet, without the need for transfers to other gateways or complex processes. To accept Bitcoin, you only need to enter your Xpub, and for other currencies, simply provide your wallet address so that we can deposit funds directly and without delay into your wallet. With Rublex Pay, nothing will stand between you and your customers.

Rublex Pay desktop terminal

You can enhance the convenience and efficiency of accepting payments for your business by utilizing the Rublex Pay desktop terminal!
Our desktop terminal is specially designed for stores and restaurants, allowing you to issue invoices in your local currency. This means that if your business is located in Russia, you can issue invoices in rubles, or if you operate in the United States, you can issue invoices in US dollars. Additionally, your customers can make payments with complete flexibility using our terminal, either with fiat currencies or digital currencies (cryptocurrencies).
Our terminal has a mode that can be compatible with a local tax system. This means that you can use the terminal without any legal concerns using this mode. To use the law-compliant mode, you just need to provide your official company account number during settlement, and all settlements will be directed to the company's official account.